Does a Restorative Dentist Use Dental Bridges?

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A restorative dentist might recommend a dental bridge if you are missing multiple teeth right next to each other. Read on to learn more about this type of restoration. Bridges are permanently fixed artificial teeth that are usually secured to the two teeth closest to the gap. These oral devices help restore the function of lost teeth, and they help to keep the remaining teeth in their proper alignment.

Getting a dental bridge from a restorative dentist

Dental bridges are made up of two main parts: artificial teeth called pontics, and abutments, which are crowns used to secure the restoration to the teeth closest to the gap.

Dental bridges provide patients with a more affordable way to replace missing teeth than dental implants, but they cost more than dentures. However, bridges tend to feel more comfortable in the mouth than dentures, and they look more natural.

A restorative dentist might recommend bridges due to reasons like the patient not being eligible for implants because of factors like their medical history, jawbone thickness, or budget. Some patients choose bridges over implants because the process takes less time. Patients can be fitted with customized bridges in as little as two weeks, while the process of getting implants can take up to six months.

The dental bridge process

The process of getting a dental bridge often starts with the dentist injecting the patient with a local anesthetic so that the teeth that will be used to anchor down the pontics can be prepared for crowns by removing enamel from them. This is irreversible, so those teeth will always need some dental restoration to serve as artificial enamel moving forward.

Once the patient’s teeth have been prepared for crowns, the dentist will take an impression of their mouth by having them bite down on a mold. Digital images can also be used to create a digital model of the patient’s teeth. The model is sent to a dental laboratory where technicians make restorations like bridges. It typically takes the lab about two weeks from the time they receive an order to manufacture the restoration and send it back to the dentist.

The patient gets temporary crowns to protect their prepared teeth while they wait for their dental bridge. The temporary crown is held in place with dental cement so it can be easily removed when the patient comes in for their second appointment.

The patient comes in for a second appointment when their dental bridge is ready. The temporary crowns are removed, and customized crowns are put in their place. The pontics are attached to the crowns, and alterations are made as needed to complete the process.

The benefits of restoring missing teeth with a dental bridge include:

  • Getting a bridge does not require oral surgery
  • It restores the appearance and function of lost teeth
  • It keeps the remaining natural teeth properly aligned

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