Reasons People Visit an Emergency Dentist in Austin

Emergency Dentist in AustinThere are several reasons you could require the services of an emergency dentist in Austin. Ironically, playing sports is at the top of this list. While you need to be outside and exercising in order to stay in good physical health, there is an inherent risk to your teeth the more active you are. Most people think about the risk to teeth when considering sports like playing football or ice hockey. However, it is not only aggressive hockey players who lose teeth but even casual basketball and tennis players. Essentially, regardless of what sport you play, there's always a risk that you will damage your teeth. In fact, your risk increases if you play a sport where mouthguards are not worn. Since adults very rarely wear mouthguards, it is normal for us to treat patients after a tooth has been cracked or chipped in a pickup game of basketball, for example.

Another reason to visit an emergency dentist in Austin is if you damage a tooth in a car accident. The impact of the accident can often force the face to come in contact with the steering wheel, windows, doors, or other objects in the car. When this happens, teeth are often the unlikely victim of the car wreck. While you need to visit the emergency room to attend to any of your physical injuries, the staff there will be unable to address any problems with your teeth. Is important to be aware of this so you make the right decision when deciding which provider to see first. If for example, you feel fine physically but you know that one of your teeth has been damaged or knocked out, it may be best to visit our dentist office first and then go see your doctor.

Another reason that patients frequently visit our office is because they suddenly developed a bad toothache after eating. This is generally because a cavity or infection had been forming for quite some time and the food that was eaten proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. If you were eating something high in sugar or something hard and crunchy like a walnut, it is fairly easy for this to happen. In any case, if you do have a terrible toothache, you should visit us immediately so we can identify and address the problem in order to prevent you from experiencing any additional discomfort.

We have several options for restoring your teeth regardless of the damage. For minor cracks and chips, we may recommend dental bonding, since the bonding material can be placed on your tooth, shaped, and hardened in one sitting. This is ideal if you need your restoration to be completed immediately. However, if more of your enamel is missing, then it may be necessary for us to place a dental crown instead. A crown is a cap that will surround the visible portion of your tooth, so once placed, it will look and behave like it did prior to the damage.

Regardless of what dental challenges you are facing, we encourage you to call our office to see an emergency dentist in Austin.

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