An Austin Dentist Answers Common Dental Questions

Austin DentistIf you have been to our Austin Dentist office, then you know that we are focused on patient education.  We believe that the more educated and informed our patients are, the healthier they will be overall.  As such, we take the time to discuss health concerns, dietary restrictions and goals, and general health tips.  We find that by understanding how dentistry and oral health works, our patients can avoid many common oral health problems.

Here is what you should know:

It is important to treat your acid reflux.

There is a connection between your acid reflux and tooth erosion.  If you have an uncontrolled reflux, the acid that it produces can attack your teeth and start reflux-induced erosion. Simultaneously, if you eat a lot of foods that are highly acidic, this can damage your teeth as well.  The best thing, which you can do, is to visit the doctor and receive medication for your reflux.  If this doesn't work, rinse your mouth every time that you have an episode so that the acid cannot linger on your teeth.

Modern dentistry is comfortable.

As an Austin Dentist, we want you to know how amazing dentistry feels.  There is no longer the risk of being in discomfort while having dental work performed.  Instead, we offer sedation dentistry that can help a patient to relax by eliminating any dental anxiety.  We can also numb the area where work is being performed and prescribe pain medication.  This helps people to feel better while getting dental work completed.  We believe that if you feel great, you will be likely to take care of your teeth as you should.

Sensitive teeth aren't forever.

If you have sensitive teeth, you are not alone.  This condition plagues people throughout the world.  It is made worse by having a poor diet and brushing too aggressively.  Both of these things can lead to dental erosion that in turn exposes the dentin underneath of the enamel.  Since the dentin is porous, when you eat, drink or even breathe, it can cause a pain sensation to be sent to the brain as your tooth's nerve endings are touched.  We can solve this issue with a bonding procedure or a dental crown.  Both options seal in the dentin so that you can eat all of your favorite foods without being uncomfortable.   The procedure, especially bonding, can be completed quickly so that you can get back to normal and eating like you used to.

Why do dentists give different opinions?

In dentistry, there are multiple ways to treat most oral health concerns.  This gives patients the power of choice, but it can be confusing.  A lot of dentists don't take the time to explain everything in detail, so patients understandably have difficulty deciding what to do.  As such, we want you to ask as many questions as you can think of and then make an educated decision as to what procedure is right for you and your lifestyle.  In many cases, how much time is required at our Austin Dentist office is the final deciding factor.

Our office is conveniently located near William Cannon Dr & West Gate Blvd Intersection. We are just minutes away for people living in areas Slaughter Ln, Brodie Ln, William Cannon Dr, West Gate Blvd, Sunset Valley, Oak Hill, Manchaca, Barton Creek, Lost Creek, Barton Hills, Rolling Wood, South Congress, Emerald Forest, Circle C, Onion Creek Neighborhoods.
If you are driving on West gate Blvd, you can not miss our office, which has a huge sign board Dental Offices. For your convenience, please find the directions to our office.
Coming from South On Mopac
Take William Cannon Dr Exit
Turn Right (East) On William Cannon
Turn Left On West Gate Blvd,
Couple of blocks our office on your left.
Coming from South On I35
Take William Cannon Dr Exit
Turn Left(West) On William Cannon
Turn Right On West Gate Blvd,
Couple of blocks our office on your left.
Coming from North or Downtown On Mopac
Take William Cannon Dr Exit
Turn Left(East) On William Cannon
Turn Left On West Gate Blvd,
Couple of blocks our office on your left
Coming from North or Downtown On I35
Take William Cannon Dr Exit
Turn Right(West) On William Cannon
Turn Right On West Gate Blvd,
Couple of blocks our office on your left.
Coming on US79 or US290
Take West Gate Blvd Exit
Follow West Gate Blvd
Couple of miles our office on your right.


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